Weight Training for Women

Overcoming challenges

The term ‘strength and conditioning’ training can be enough to make any cardio lover or running fan a little fearful… but most of that fear comes in the form of not knowing what the term actual means.  Learn what weight training for women encompasses, and the hurdles women face when attempting to gain muscle.

Strength and conditioning exercises improve muscle tone and endurance by using resistance to strengthen and condition the musculoskeletal system. This way of training will ultimately lead to increased physical and mental stamina which will help you in all areas of your day to day life, including better equipping you to deal with stress.

Will you end up losing your womanly figure, look like you are on steroids and maybe even hurt yourself? No. In fact, a good strength training program helps you to become stronger and leaner overall, which actually prevents injury.

If you are a woman who is afraid of bulking up from strength training, here are a few key reasons why you won’t:

1) Women Have A Different Hormonal Profile To Men

Since Testosterone and growth hormone (GH) is for the large part responsible for contributing to muscle growth, it’s hard for a woman to build as much muscle mass as men because these two hormones are found significantly less in women than in men.

2) Women Do Not Have As Much Muscle Fiber

Nuclei are important when it comes to muscle growth and hypertrophy and women have 40% fewer muscle fiber nuclei than men. This equates to less muscle growth even if you’re lifting heavy weights.

3) You Must Consume More Food To Gain Significant Muscle

9000 extra calories is what is required to create one kilogram of muscle! If you are trying to lose weight or change body composition you are probably eating less food than normal. You will need to be eating a large amount of calories to gain any large quantity of muscle. Unless you do this, and even then, you won’t get bulky from picking up a barbell.

The Benefits of Strength Training For Woman
  • Creates a more ‘toned’ and defined and look through the creation of lean muscle mass
  • Encourages fat loss by boosting the metabolism
  • Makes lifting heavy things, running, walking and even general day to day activities easier.
  • Helps to prevent the risk of osteoporosis
  • Develops protective muscle, therefore reducing the risk of injury
  • Increased agility, balance and coordination
  • Increased power output which increases speed of movement in sports

If you want to get start a weight lifting routine… and why wouldn’t you? Spend time researching and make your own workout plan, or seek the guidance of a professional.

There are also many approved online digital training programs which will take you step by step through each workout plus nutrition and provide you with an approved program that gives you all the benefits without the bulk. Weight training for women can be difficult, but it’s very possible with planning and dedication.