HIIT Workouts – High Intensity Workout Training

5 reasons to love HIIT workouts

In reality, nobody really likes long, boring, monotonous cardio workout plans. Why then, do we still spend several hours a week on various bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines? It’s not because we LOVE it. It’s because we actually think it’s the best way to lose weight and get in tip top shape.

HIIT workout plans, on the other hand, help you burn calories more efficiently which means that even though you will workout for less time in total because you will workout a lot harder, you will actually benefit more.

Isn’t that great news?  So you might be wondering… What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ and is an advanced type of workout that usually only lasts about 10-25 minutes. These types of workout plans alternate between short, intense bursts of blood-pumping cardio exercise, with some less intense recovery periods. During the intense workout periods, you will need to push yourself in order to get optimal results.  HIIT is currently accepted as an excellent and time efficient form of exercise.

Here are 8 reasons why we know you will absolutely LOVE HIIT Workout Plans.


One of the reasons why HIIT workout plans are so great is because you don’t need any fancy gym equipment to get results. Most HIIT workouts are completely portable and easy to do in your own home or wherever you choose. Because these types of workouts mostly use body weight for resistance and consist of simple exercises like burpees, sprints, squats, and jumping jacks, even if you travel a lot or only have a small area to train in you can still do HIIT.


As one of the most efficient forms of exercise you can do, HIIT workouts are absolutely perfect for busy people who want to get results in less time. In fact, research has recently shown that just one short HIIT workout can be more productive than a whole hour of running.


If you want to change body composition and lower your body fat percentage HIIT is the way forward. Because your body is shocked into hyper fat burning mode, you will continue to burn fat and calories for 24 hours or more after you workout. Several studies are now showing that just 10 minutes of HIIT can be more productive in burning calories than a full thirty minutes on the treadmill.


You won’t have to count on music or a TV show at the gym to keep you entertained. HIIT workouts are fast, interesting, and because they force you to work as hard as possible, they easily keep you focused on the task at hand. Note: If you do find yourself starting to get bored, it’s time to up the intensity level. Do this and you will always be improving and reaching new fitness goals.


Because you are continuously building lean muscles during your HIIT workouts you are also encouraging your body to keep a faster metabolism rate. This means that your body will keep burning off calories throughout the day, so you can eat more and it won’t stick.

So WHAT’S NEXT? By now we know you probably want to get started!


Here is a great HIIT workout plan to get you going!


50 – Step Ups (onto single stair)

50 – Jumping Jacks

40 – Deep Pulsing Squats

30 – Crunches

20 – Push Ups

10 – Tricep Dips

1min – Jog on the Spot with knees up high.

60 second recovery

Repeat Set = 4x