About Us

In 2008 our founder had a vision that an energy beverage should not only satisfy the need for an increased energy boost but should also be a source of natural ingredients. At the same time the growing health conscious consumer demanded more options, a functional energy beverage that is vitamin fortified with no artificial preservatives.

We formed a team of experienced nutritionists, athletes and adventure seekers and together we pioneered a unique blend of culture and innovation. This journey was the turning point for our company.

We strive every day to deliver products that amplify your passions and lifestyle. Our core values have shaped our company culture and we embrace life experiences to the fullest. We are inspired by your stories of accomplishments and we celebrate your spirit of endurance. We are committed to continue to blaze the path of innovation for healthier, “better-for-you” energy beverages.

We are humbled to be a part of your journey and we are honored to Fuel Your Life.